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Good morning. I am Oliver Williams.

  • I am a freelance web consultant and experienced developer
  • specialising in bespoke web applications
  • and large scale e-commerce solutions.
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About Me

I've worked in the digital sector for over eighteen years developing large scale web applications and also managing teams of developers and designers.

Web Development

As a trained software engineer (Bsc Hons) with over eighteen years of web development experience then I am a very competent developer in ASP.NET, SQL Server, Dojo, Jquery and HTML technologies.

Web Consultancy

I review quotations on behalf of other digital agencies as well as provide consultancy on medium to large scale projects throughout their life cycle.

e-Commerce Specialist

I have specialised within the e-commerce sector for over 10 years and can provide expert advice on development, costs, content management and back-end processes.

About Skills Services

Oliver Williams


I specialise in the design and development of large database driven web applications with my primary focus on e-commerce solutions for online retailers.

I offer expertise and extensive knowledge in the area of e-commerce solutions and offer the enterprise level e-commerce system, Touch, to medium and large scale retailers under my brand name of "Online Retailing".

My work

The development skills I can offer

Dojo Toolkit
SQL Server



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My resume

Founder of Online Retailing


Director and Lead Developer
e-Commerce System Touch

Over the past ten years then I have been building, maintaining and supporting the e-commerce solution, Touch, that is the backbone to many online and high-street retailers in the area and nationally.

The Touch solution is an extensive set of software tools for retailers that covers stock management, product inventory, order dispatch, returns and invoicing.

I also provide my own EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) software solution to clients who have a high street presence and need to maintain real-time stock levels with their online store.

Freelance Web Developer


Web Developer
Design / Development / Client Facing

Over the past ten years then I have undertaken a range of freelance projects (Non Disclosure Agreements signed) for other digital agencies. Working externally to the agencies but attending regular meetings I was able to provide a more cost effective solution to getting project work completed.

I have no problem in meeting clients face to face nor travelling to their offices for presentations.

Redweb Digital Agency


Head of Development
Development / Manager

The role I had at Redweb evolved as the company grew and in the early days then I was the sole developer helping to push the company in new directions and industry sectors. As time went on and the number of staff increased then my role became shared with helping to employee other staff and finally becoming the Head of Development overseeing all projects and managing a number of teams of both designers and developers.

My Portfolio

I provide the e-commerce solution Touch, developed by myself over the last ten years, to a number of online and high street retailers as well as providing advice and development skills to other digital agencies in the area.


Clove Technology

e-Commerce Software Solution Touch for Snowtrax

Snowtrax Store

e-Commerce Software Solution Touch for WifiGear


e-Commerce Software Solution Touch for Castle Cameras

Castle Cameras


The Sports Outlet

e-Commerce Software Solution Touch for Dexter Doodle

Dexter Doodle

e-Commerce Software Solution Touch for Hart Fly Shop

Hart Fly Shop


If you have a particular project in mind that you would like some advice on or interested in further finding out about my skills then drop me a line.

Email Me

My Contact Details

I am a cloud-based freelancer and work from my own purpose-built studio located in Bournemouth, Dorset.

I am more than happy to meet either at your office or go some place for a coffee.

Feel free to call me on either +44 (0)1202 798 328 or +44 (0)7931 394 464.

My email address is olly@genesis-software.co.uk and I will try and get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward to hearing from you. Olly.